what is the best led grow light?

what is the best led grow light?

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The best LED grow light, as a kind of LED lighting, is determined by the LED chip, LED driver and the craft of fitting.

We, BLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd, as the professional lighting manufacturer, are using the Samsung LED chipset which is the best source for plant light. The Samsung chip has higher photon efficiency, more PAR/Watt & uniformity and full spectrum which can truly help the plant growth for greater harvest, enhance plant immunity to diseases and improve nutritional value.

For the driver, we use one of the famous brands Meanwell with high quality and stable performance. Moreover, there is dimming function which can be adjusted according to different features in different growth process.

For the fitting, we use latest 3G cooling system-high speed fans, aluminum board and aluminum heat sink which has powerful heat dissipation performance. As we know, the heat from the fitting will influence the plant growth especially for plants in greenhouse and hydroponic. There is the reason why we focus on the craft and supply the high quality models.

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