what is the best led grow light for cannabis

what is the best led grow light for cannabis

Why grow lights are effective for cannabis growing?

Cannabis is a sun-loving plant, which has extremely high requirements for light. If the light intensity does not meet the requirements, it will affect its growth. Especially when planting in a greenhouse or in a basement, due to the influence of building materials, the light is weakened or even completely dull, which has a great impact on the growth and flower bud differentiation of cannabis, so it is necessary to use the led grow light for cannabis in time.

What accessories and functions of grow light are suitable for cannabis?

The best led grow light for cannabis should have the features of high power, high illuminance and dimmable. The high power modular LED grow light can be combined according to requirement to meet the light intensity for cannabis. And dimming function is also necessary as different light intensity is required in different growth phase.

Why BLED can supply the grow light with these functions and in variety of styles?

BLED is the professional LED grow light manufacturer for cannabis. We can supply the best solution with high power and high lumen for cannabis growing. For example, there is LED panel grow light in 100W with lumen output up to 16500lm, which is most used in greenhouse and plant factories, and the effect is also very good. Moreover, LED bar type, LED panel type, HPS type and so on are available for different requirements. With 0-10V dimming, the light intensity can be adjusted to meet the different requirement during the growth.

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