what is the best light to grow cannabis indoors

what is the best light to grow cannabis indoors

  • What is the difference grow cannabis outdoor and indoor?

Compared with outdoor growing, there are some advantages to grow cannabis indoor. Firstly, people can prevent overgrown weeds and other enemy in order to create the most suitable living environment for cannabis. Secondly, people can manage the growth easily and take the right measurement immediately when there is problem. Lastly but most important, people can control the light illumination, temperature and humidity easily indoor. Cannabis is a sun-loving plant, which has extremely high requirements for light. There are much uncertain factors in nature which will influence the light intensity and time. So grow light is generated to avoid the nature failure and supply enough light intensity and time for cannabis growth.

  • What is other function and features of grow light that BLED can supply except above condition?

For BLED grow lights, they are designed for cannabis especially. It is with high efficiency which is up to 165lm/W and high power from 100W to 1000W. There is full spectrum with enhanced red for full cycle grows especially bloom. With 1-10V manual dimming knob, you can adjust the brightness of the light to meet the growth needs of cannabis in different stage to maximize benefits. Besides, different types and different installation can adapt to different environments and conditions.

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